Tablet Adapters

Tablet adapters specifically developed to interface with Samsung Tablet devices overcoming device limitations enabling  their use in conjunction with other USB enabled devices and providing direct Ethernet connectivity, power management and reducing cabling requirements. The development of the power management system which interfaces directly with the Samsung Knox operating system allows 24hr system powering ideal for kiosks, time management systems and online reporting systems and prevents battery bloating and reduces power requirements.

Please talk to us about your application so we can suggest the the correct product, not all products are currently displayed on this web site 

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eSTS-2UE - Samsung Tablet 2 x USB Ethernet Adapter

The eSTS-2UE adapter is an extended version of STS-2UE providing wired Ethernet connectivity and sim..


PL-002 - Simulcharge USB 1-Port for Samsung Phones

Please Note: These videos, shown with the SimulCharge TL-002, also illustrate the functionality of t..


STS-E - USB Ethernet Adapter Pre-Order

STS-E - USB Ethernet Adapter

OverviewThe STS-E adapter provides wired Ethernet connectivity and simultaneous charging capability ..


STS-PE - USB Ethernet Adapater with PoE 2-3 Days

STS-PE - USB Ethernet Adapater with PoE

OverviewThe STS-PE adapter provides wired Power over Ethernet connectivity and simultaneous charging..


STS-RBM - Tablet USB Host & Charging Adapter Board

OverviewThe enhanced STS-RBM adapter board, featuring SIMULCHARGE® and RBM technology, is designed f..


TL-002 - Simulcharge 1 x USB for Samsung tablets In Stock

TL-002 - Simulcharge 1 x USB for Samsung tablets

OverviewThis intelligent adapter makes it possible to simultaneously operate your Samsung Galaxy Tab..