Samsung Tablet Devices

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eSTS-2UE - Samsung Tablet 2 x USB Ethernet Adapter

The eSTS-2UE adapter is an extended version of STS-2UE providing wired Ethernet connectivity and sim..


STS-E - USB Ethernet Adapter Pre-Order

STS-E - USB Ethernet Adapter

OverviewThe STS-E adapter provides wired Ethernet connectivity and simultaneous charging capability ..


STS-PE - USB Ethernet Adapater with PoE

The STS-PE adapter provides wired Power over Ethernet connectivity and simultaneous charging capabil..


STS-RBM - Tablet USB Host & Charging Adapter Board

OverviewThe enhanced STS-RBM adapter board, featuring SIMULCHARGE® and RBM technology, is designed f..


TL-002 - Simulcharge 1 x USB for Samsung tablets

OverviewThis intelligent adapter makes it possible to simultaneously operate your Samsung Galaxy Tab..