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PhoneFuse Smartphone Battery Overcharge Protection Adapter

PhoneFuse Smartphone Battery Overcharge Protection Adapter

For a healthier SmartPhone battery use PhoneFuse™ by LAVA.

PhoneFuse™ is an accessory that sits between the charge adapter and your phone.

PhoneFuse™ protects the device battery from being trickle charged and/or overcharged.

Stories about swollen mobile phone batteries and the frequent replacement of device batteries, as well a fast-draining smartphone batteries can be a thing of past.

A healthy charged battery is now possible.


The main function of PhoneFuse™ is to prevent trickle charging of your phone.

Over time trickle charging will damage and degrade your device battery.

PhoneFuse™ charges your phone for the maximum manufacturer recommended time and then, acting like a fuse, disconnects the phone from the power source.


OVERCHARGE PROTECTION PhoneFuse™ will detect when your phone battery is close to being fully charged and then acting like a fuse, it will stop further charging.

BATTERY HEALTH PROTECTION As phone manufacturers recommend, PhoneFuse™ will prolong your battery lifespan by charging a phone for 4 hours or until the device is close to being fully charged.

POWER MONITORING PhoneFuse™ will keep your battery healthy for longer by protecting a phone battery from being constantly charged once it reaches 100% (trickle



To charge your device after PhoneFuse™ has tripped, simply press the Boost Button located on PhoneFuse™ and the device will start charging your phone again.


PhoneFuse™ is compatible with all Lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones and tablets, regardless of manufacturer, as long as they use a 5V USB charger e.g. Micro USB B, USB C, or Lightning charging connector.

  • £19.95

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